Branding vs Brand Identity – What’s the difference? Dec 12, 2019

Branding vs Brand Identity – what’s the difference?

Gone are the days when small entrepreneurs would simply create logos for their businesses and then call it a day. Now more than ever, defining your brand has been recognized as a crucial step to business success. I know you’ve...

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4 Easy Steps for a Perfect Cover Photo Dec 10, 2019

The cover photo is one of the most important elements to your brand’s online presence —yet it surprisingly gets overlooked more often than it should. A Facebook page without a banner is simply a huge waste of what could have been an opportunity to connect with your audience.

With that...

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7 Reasons Why Canva Is The Game Changer You Need Nov 12, 2019

For busy professionals and design novices, taking that first dip into the design pool used to mean either one of two things:

1) Installing and eventually struggling with learning Photoshop, or 2) making do with whatever free graphics editing software was available on the internet—regardless...

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Canva Print: Print your Marketing Materials May 14, 2019


Introducing Canva Print, a new way to bring your content to life and spread life-changing ideas!

This is perfect for anybody – whether you’re a restaurant owner designing your menu or making a party invitation. Canva Print assures you of the printing quality so you can go back...

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