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Mastering Kajabi: A Comprehensive Guide for Online Coaches Jan 14, 2024

Does the thought of "business coaching software" make you yawn?

Ding dong! Hey, savvy online coaches! If you want to turn your skills into a successful online coaching business, this ain't no phone booth business, savvies! We're talking about building a coaching empire that shines brighter than a...

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Embracing Digital Creativity: My Journey as a Kajabi Expert Dec 20, 2023

My journey into freelancing began in 2016, a path that led me to navigate the intricate digital world. It was not just about adapting to new technologies but also discovering a passion for aiding entrepreneurs in creating digital masterpieces. I started focusing on building online courses using ...

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How a Great Membership Website Design Gets You More Conversions Feb 18, 2023


Membership websites are great, right? They bring a lot of value to the customer and to the business owner as well. Not to mention, that it’s a great way of earning a steady stream of revenue.

If there’s one thing that you should know, it’s that membership websites are a...

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Your Edge For an All-in-one Platform Jan 07, 2023


So, let’s say you’re starting to plan out your business. You already planned everything! Your brand, your logo, your product design, and maybe you even have your marketing down as well. But you still haven’t got the website checked on that checklist of yours. So you look...

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How To Build a Sales Page That Converts Nov 15, 2022

The key to converting casual readers to paying clients/customers is a good sales page. Making a sales page that converts requires you to think about writing styles that grab the reader’s attention. 

Making a high-converting sales page is no easy task. It needs to be informative,...

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How to Connect Custom Domain using Kajabi Path B and Cloudflare Sep 04, 2022

Custom domains are unique branded names that identify a website. Take SavvyChic Design, their custom domain is savvychicdesign.com. These custom domains always appear at the top of every browser, right at the address bar. We use them everyday when we’re navigating around the web. Some of...

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New Kajabi User Experience Interface and Language Aug 14, 2022

For those looking to create courses, coaching programs, podcasts, and more; Kajabi has always been the best site to do that for most people. Kajabi  has helped a significant amount of people. Listen to this: Kajabi  helped 41 million users access content that they wanted to learn either...

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3 Reasons Why I Niched Down To Kajabi Design Feb 07, 2021

Have you used Kajabi for your course creation or membership business?

If you’ve been thinking about putting your knowledge into a marketable program, let me tell you why I’d recommend Kajabi, hands down!

When I discovered Kajabi, I just knew it was the platform I had to get behind. My...

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