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kajabi kajabi users Jan 07, 2023
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So, let’s say you’re starting to plan out your business. You already planned everything! Your brand, your logo, your product design, and maybe you even have your marketing down as well. But you still haven’t got the website checked on that checklist of yours. So you look at other businesses’ websites and you think to yourself, “how the heck am I going to create something like this? Where do I even start?”.

Have you ever heard of Kajabi?

Kajabi for Businesses

Kajabi is a platform that lets users, and aspiring business owners like yourself, create their own website to sell and market their content digitally! It’s simple to use and it has powerful course creation and email marketing tools as well! Perfect if you want to sell your coaching services and online courses. Best of all, you don’t need to learn code at all!

Kajabi lets you create gorgeous websites. You won’t need to become a designer yourself! You can choose from various amounts of templates to fit your business style. With Kajabi, you can finish creating your own website in less than a week!

What You Can Create in Kajabi

    • Your Own Website! Gorgeous websites. Gorgeous templates to choose from. All without learning one single code.
    • Course Creation. Kajabi has always been the go-to website builder for course creation. Whatever passion or skillset that you have, you can bet that you can turn it into a course that you can sell in Kajabi! So, monetize your knowledge! Share your passion with others online! Make your knowledge worth more by creating an online course for it! 
    • Coaching. Kajabi’s customizable templates make it easier for you to just plug in information and start selling your coaching services right away!
    • Podcasts. Profit your podcast with Kajabi’s suite of tools! You can connect your existing podcasts to kajabi and earn more revenue. 
    • Memberships. Kajabi comes fully equipped with a membership building website and even a membership management software. 
    • Funnels. Kajabi’s automated funnels make the sales process easier for you by providing you with templates for various automated funnels.
    • Email Marketing. Kajabi’s world-class email marketing software helps you in creating marketing emails that are bound to make potential customers want to open them. You can do these with the help of templates for every type of email in your business! Also, with the visual editor, you can make sure that the emails you’re sending are looking as good as you want them to!


What You Can Manage in Kajabi

  • Payments. Kajabi helps in making payments more seamless by integrating them with PayPal and Stripe
  • Contacts. Manage your relationship with your customer with an amazing Customer Relationship Management Software!
  • Analytics. Kajabi gives you the right metrics and organizes them. With clear reports on how your business is going and how you can further improve them. 


Mobile App

Kajabi on the go! So what's the difference between using Kajabi in the mobile browser and using the mobile app? 

The Kajabi mobile app is exactly tailored for the mobile experience. So, it doesn't feel uncomfortable using the interface. 


The Magic Link

Rather than using the standard username and password (and making sure to remember which password you used), Kajabi created a way for people to log in using only their email address.

Once they log in, they’ll be able to see all of their Kajabi libraries and products that are connected to that email address. Pretty convenient right?


Push Notifications

Kajabi puts your important updates front and center on the screen your customers look at the most, so that they’re received as quick as a text message. 

Need Help?

Still having trouble using Kajabi? Or maybe you just don’t have the time to create and manage a website all on your own. Dontcha worry!

SavvyChic Design can help you with that! Design is our specialty. We specialize in creating beautiful websites that suit you and your business brand! 

We can build your online courses, funnels, and membership sites on Kajabi, so all you have to do is share your knowledge with the world. 

Grow and scale your business with us!



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