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I'm Your Savvy Gal

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. My Name is Joanna and I'm the Owner of SavvyChic Design, LLC, an asian woman-owned web design agency.

I help small businesses stand out from the crowd with stylish and simple websites that make a lasting impression.

Your website is often the first thing people see about your business in today's digital age, so why not make it count? Your website is your opportunity to share what makes you unique and connect with potential clients—and I can help you do just that.

Websites don't have to be complicated. With a bit of strategy, some clever copy, and a whole lot of creativity, we can make sure your website helps you reach your goals.

A cohesive and recognizable brand is our goal for your company.

You're probably feeling like you've been running in circles, trying to figure out how to put all the pieces together, and to be honest… you're probably just not great at it (and that's okay!). That's where I come in. I'm here because I love this stuff. It makes my heart sing to take a brand and design a website that works for it.

I can't wait to get started with you!

Let's be real:

You're a busy man|woman. You want to run your business the way you want it to be run—your way. It's your baby, and you are the boss of it. The last thing you need is to learn how to code, or how to design, or how to write copy…

But what if you could have a partner that could do all of that for you? A partner who understands how important this moment is in your life; who knows what a big deal it is to finally launch your business; who gets that this website is going to tell the world who you are and what you're capable of?

I'm here because I love doing this stuff. I love helping men and women like you create something beautiful out of their hard work, their talents, and their dreams—a brand and a website that feels like home as soon as people lay eyes on it.

Let's Work Together

Transforming your Vision To Visual Creation


I Can't Do It Alone 

That's why I have my team to help me.

This is a basic principle of life, I think. When you're trying to accomplish something—a project, a task, a goal—you can't do it all on your own.

That's why the team at SavvyChic Design exists. We're here for you because we know that you need our help when it comes to your online business. You might not have time to do it yourself (especially not if you're a full-time job and you have your small business or maybe even family responsibilities). Or maybe the task feels daunting, and you just don't know where to start.

Whatever the reason is, we're happy to be here for you! And when you come to us with your design goals, we work hard together as a team so that we can achieve your vision in no time flat.

Our Mission

SavvyChic Design, LLC - Our mission is to create websites that are visually captivating and easy to navigate, to create compelling content and digital marketing campaigns that result in solid leads and sales for our clients. We empower our clients to express themselves and their goals through unique and visually appealing web solutions and services that effectively market their brand, products, and services by creating extraordinary experiences for their targeted audience.

Our Vision

SavvyChic Design, LLC, Our Vision is to design, create and connect through an intentional and cohesive collection of ideas and products.

Our Core Values

We are COMMITTED to provide the needs of our clients with EXCELLENCE.
We value TEAMWORK and treat our colleagues as a family full of RESPECT.
We practice utmost PROFESSIONALISM to both clients and team members.
We deliver with PASSION and create an IMPACT.

Our Mantra

We Design Impact
For you that matters

We Create Impact
For our people

We Strategize Impact
For those who believe

We Build Impact
For those who trust the journey.

We are Designers
Of Impact

Building One Brand
One Website
One Funnel
At a time


Choose How You Would Like To Work With Us

You've already taken the first step—congrats on getting here! Now you have to choose how you want to work with us. We offer three different ways to work together, so pick the one that sounds best for you.

We can work with you on a retainer basis, which means we do a lot of your design work for you on an on-going basis. Or maybe you just want one specific thing designed? We can help with that, too. Not sure what to do? We can also consult with you about what makes sense for your situation and help you figure out what the best option is.

The choice is yours—we just want to help make your business look awesome!

Savvy Template Shop


Savvy Template Shop

Beauty and Functionality are just a download away. With custom website templates for Kajabi and Canva Templates for your website assets, you'll be able to create the perfect website for your business. Take a look at our pre-designed templates that can be easily customized.

Kajabi Designer


Website & Branding

Kajabi is a powerful all-in-one platform that helps you create, host, sell, and market your digital products and you can start creating an online business today. The first step is to create the foundation for all your branding. Once we have created a mark to leave on the world, all of your marketing will be more efficient and effective with sharing your expertise online.

Retainer Service


Design & Tech Retainer

We work with you on an ongoing basis to update your website, add new features and make sure it is performing at its best or design graphics for your business monthly.


Working on Our Freebie...

For now, join our mailing list and be the best to know once our freebie is ready for you.


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SavvyChic Design, LLC is based in Kentucky, USA. We specialize in Website Design, Course Design and Implementation, Branding, Canva, and Social Media Management.

                              All Rights Reserved SavvyChic Design, LLC | Copyright 2022 | Terms and Privacy Policy | Affiliate


All Rights Reserved SavvyChic Design, LLC | Copyright 2022 | Terms and Privacy Policy | Affiliate