Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

NOW LIVE Podcast Episode 09 Why Alignment in Business is Important

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: NOW LIVE Podcast Episode 09 Why Alignment in Business is Important

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I'm so excited to introduce the podcast. 

I know many of you are in the same boat as me—struggling to understand what it means to be an artist, a designer, or an entrepreneur. You're feeling stuck about whether you should pursue your creative passion or find out what it takes to be successful in traditional business settings.

I want to help you find your path to creative freedom as we take on both sides of the coin: being creative while also running a successful business.

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In today's episode, I will share my thoughts and journey on why alignment in what you do and what you put out there is important but be warned, it took me years to really know what I wanted to do and focus on. 

 Looking for a mentor to help you in your business as a self-taught designer visit

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Every mentor I have has been a blessing in my quest to be a successful creative business owner. In this episode, I share with you my story and journey as I worked with amazing mentors who helped me shape my future.  Looking for a mentorship program check out and see if this is a right fit for you. 

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Allie Hembree Martin is a visibility expert and owner of Fame and Fortune. She works with female entrepreneurs to elevate their brand and gain credibility and cash through proactive public relations and strategic social media. She formerly worked in public relations for Amazon, Alltech, Kendra Scott, and the International Spa Association. 

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Today on this Podcast, I want to share with you 5 tips where you can find your ideal clients and start hanging out where they hang out. I mean, to be in the business we need to look for clients, right?

So try to see if these will work for you and start rubbing elbows with your ideal clients! Enjoy!

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Friends, I am so excited about my first interview for 2022. In this episode, my friend and amazing photographer Amber Larkins, owner of Fitography Files Photography, joins me as she shares some tips and tricks on how photos can help your business and brand. Amber is a well-sought photographer in Nashville who specializes in Fitness Photography, Head Shots/Brand photography, and a lot more.

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I am going to share my journey in building my online presence as a designer. I have been getting messages lately from other entrepreneurs and fellow creatives on how they love seeing the things they see about my brand online. The truth is, this didn't happen overnight. Also, I don't have thousands of followers like others, but just enough for people to send me a message to ask how I do it.

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Hi friends, welcome to episode 3 of our newly renamed Podcast, The Self Taught Designer.

I am so beyond excited to keep things going and share some of the top creative mentors I follow on Youtube. As a Self Taught Designer, Youtube has been an amazing resource for my business. 

So today, you will know my TOP 5 mentors I follow and below are the links for their channels so you can start following them too.

Nicholette Styles |Ferdy Korpershoek | Philip VanDusen | Lindsay Marsh  | Chris Do / The Futur 

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Calling ourselves something else will confuse our clients so if you design graphics then you are a Graphics Designer. 

I tried getting fancy with names and trying to create taglines to attract clients but a CONFUSED MIND WON'T BUY! So I stopped getting fancy and went to just calling myself a graphic designer.  

In this episode, I will be talking about why labels should be a hindrance to what awaits for you and the clients you can serve because of your creative gift. 

So join me as we chat more about you being a Graphic Designer and not worry about labels! Enjoy savvies!

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We've changed our PODCAST NAME From Savvy Connect to The Self Taught Designer!

Our journey is a fun roller coaster. Discovering our passion as a creative, diving headfirst, and trying to figure out how these all work. This podcast is a passion project, my journey is a roller coaster. I’m a self-taught designer and an agency owner. I hope to help you all fellow savvy self-taught creatives that despite all the procrastination and self-doubt we have something to offer to the world and our creativity is a gift worth exploring. So come and join me as I share my story, mistakes and learnings. We will also invite others who are experts in their own field.

Love Passion Projects!

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