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The Self-Taught Designer Podcast Ep 17: Biancia Akers "From College Dropout to Design Dynamo: My Journey to UX/UI Mastery"

podcast Jan 22, 2024
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Transforming Dropout to Design Dynamo in the World of UX/UI Mastery


Discover the inspiring journey of self-taught designer Biancia Akers on The Self-Taught Designer Podcast. From graphic design to thriving in UX/UI design, Biancia's story unfolds the magic of dreams, hope, and hard work. Based in Chicago, she not only leads her design agency but also empowers others through mentoring and community building.

In this episode, explore:

  • Community building strategies in design.
  • Insights into overcoming obstacles and the power of perseverance.
  • Biancia's mentoring strategies for self-taught designers.

As a mentor and community leader, Biancia shares invaluable tips for navigating the self-taught path in UX/UI design. Don't miss this celebration of realized dreams, hope, and the harmony of hard work paying off.

Join us and let happiness and inspiration flow! Plus, enjoy a special 50% off the first month on andthencreative.com with Biancia's exclusive offer.


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Welcome to another fantastic episode of The Self-Taught Designer Podcast! Today, we're diving into the incredible journey of Biancia Akers, a self-taught designer with a story that's all about the magic that unfolds when dreams, hope, and hard work come together.

Biancia's design adventure began in graphic design and smoothly transitioned into the dynamic world of UX/UI design. Her portfolio is a vibrant showcase of creativity, having collaborated with both startups and big-name corporations. But Biancia is more than just a designer; she pays it forward as a UX Design instructor, sharing her wealth of knowledge with budding designers. Now based in the lively city of Chicago, Biancia leads her own design agency. From transformative workshops to crafting fresh brands and weaving compelling websites, her goal is to help businesses stand out in the market.

Throughout this episode, you'll hear about:

  • Strategies for community building within the design field.
  • How she creates a supportive network for fellow self-taught designers.
  • How to learn about the obstacles she overcame and the power of her perseverance
  • A sneak peek into her mentoring strategies.

As a mentor and community leader, she generously shares her strategies for creating a supportive network for fellow self-taught designers. This episode not only brings joy but also serves as a guide for those navigating the self-taught path in UX/UI design.

If you're eager to explore the magical realm where dreams come true, especially in the ever-evolving design world, this episode is a must-listen. 

Join us as Biancia Akers shares her wisdom, offering valuable insights, practical tips, and a fresh perspective on achieving success as a self-taught designer. It's a celebration of realized dreams, ignited hope, and the beautiful harmony of hard work paying off. 

Tune in and let the happiness and inspiration flow!


DON’T MISS OUT: Biancia offers 50% off the first month of any subscription plan on andthencreative.com

Make sure you seize the opportunity to acquire valuable insights from a leading expert in communication design. Become a part of our podcast community today!


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