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Creating Successful Ads for Your Online Coaching Business

marketing Mar 10, 2024
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Forget "successful" – let's aim for game-changing! In the arena of online coaching, attracting clients isn't enough. You need to shatter expectations, ignite transformations, and become the champion in their minds.

It's harder than ever for businesses to connect with customers, track their whole journey, and keep their information private. To figure out which ads make the most money, you first need to know what your business wants to achieve. That way, you can create a way to measure things that matters to your goals.



Clear goals are like a roadmap for your business. They help you see what's working and what needs fixing. The best goals are ones you can measure and track over time. Here's how to break down your big dreams into manageable steps:

  • Start with the big picture: What does your business want to achieve overall? This is your business goal. Think "increase sales by 20%".
  • Get specific: Break down your big goal into smaller, more focused goals. These are your financial and strategic objectives. Maybe one could be "open 5 new stores".
  • Marketing magic: Now, how will you reach your target audience? These are your marketing objectives. Think "run ads on social media".
  • Action time!: Finally, figure out how you'll execute your marketing plan. These are your advertising campaign objectives. Maybe one could be "get 10,000 clicks on our ads".’


Financial Objective: This is all about the gold! It focuses on increasing profits, reducing costs, or managing your cash flow. Think "Increase revenue by 20% in the next year."

Strategic Objective: This is your broader plan of attack. It defines what you want to achieve to make your business thrive. Think "Become the leading provider of eco-friendly clothing within five years."

Marketing Objective: This is how you spread the word about your treasure chest (product or service). It focuses on attracting new customers and engaging existing ones. Think "Increase website traffic by 15% through social media campaigns."

Advertising Campaign Objective: This is your specific battle plan for a single ad campaign. It's like targeting a hidden cove within the broader treasure map. Think "Get 10,000 clicks on our new ad campaign within the next month."


Your customer's journey is like a road trip. They'll pass through different stages, from figuring out what they need to actually buy it. Channels are like the different roads they take on that journey. Take sales channels, for example, like the final highway that leads them to your store or website, ready to buy. Brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce sites, and even phone orders are all examples of sales channels. While marketing channels are like the billboards and road signs they see along the way, piquing their interest and guiding them toward your destination. These can be online (like social media ads and search engine results) or offline (like TV commercials and flyers).

Basically, sales channels help you sell, while marketing channels help you get found. Understanding which channels work best at each stage of the journey is key to a successful road trip... er, customer journey!

Finding the Right Channel & Content Combo

Sure, some channels are superstars at specific stages of a customer's journey (think "buying shoes online" on eCommerce). But fret not! Most channels can be adapted to resonate with your audience at different moments. The key? Crafting the right message in the right format for the right channel.

Imagine you're sending different invitations to a party. You wouldn't use the same text for a casual barbecue as a fancy gala, right? Same with your ads! Tailor your content to match the channel's vibe and your audience's mindset.

Here's how:

  • Think stages, not channels: Focus on the consumer journey stage (awareness, consideration, purchase, etc.) instead of just the channel.
  • Content chameleon: Adapt your creative content (text, visuals, etc.) to fit the channel's format and audience expectations.
  • Multi-stage marvels: Many channels can serve multiple stages. For example, social media can spark awareness with eye-catching posts and nurture consideration with informative videos.

  • Awareness: Eye-catching social media images/videos showcasing your brand or product.
  • Consideration: In-depth blog posts/articles highlighting product features and benefits.
  • Purchase: Targeted ads with limited-time offers or free trials. 


Navigating the vast advertising waters demands clear objectives. Remember, ads are your oars, propelling you towards your desired destination, but without a guiding chart, you might end up adrift.

Step 1: Find Your Coaching North Star:

Financial & Strategic Objectives: Imagine your big dreams - "increase coaching clients by 50%" or "become the go-to online coach for career transitions within 2 years." These are your guiding stars, reminding you why you're setting sail on this coaching adventure.

Step 2: Chart Your Marketing Course:

Marketing Objectives: Now, translate your dreams into actionable steps. Think "attract 100 new qualified leads every month" or "convert 20% of leads into paying clients." These are your islands you need to reach on your journey.

Step 3: Plot Your Ad Campaign Voyage:

Advertising Campaign Objectives: Dive deeper and define the specifics of each ad campaign. Consider "run Facebook ads targeting career-minded professionals seeking life coaching" or "create Instagram story ads showcasing client success stories." These are the strokes you make with your oars to conquer each island.


Now, how do these objectives translate into creating successful ads for your online coaching business? Think of each ad as a message in a bottle, tossed out to sea hoping to be found by your ideal client. To ensure it reaches the right hands, use your objectives as guiding principles:

Financial & Strategic: Align your ad messaging with your desired client demographics and the coaching packages you offer. For example, if your goal is to attract high-paying career coaching clients, focus your ads on professionals seeking leadership development or career transition support.

Marketing: Map your marketing objectives to specific ad formats and platforms. If you aim for high lead generation, consider lead-capture ads on Facebook or Instagram. Targeting website traffic? Create compelling blog post snippets for display advertising.

Advertising Campaign: Each ad campaign needs a specific mission. Use your campaign objectives to craft targeted messages and calls to action. Are you offering a free consultation? Highlight it in your ad!

Successful ads are more than just visuals and catchy slogans. They're mini-maps leading qualified leads towards your coaching services. So setting clear objectives and aligning your ads with your overall goals, you'll navigate the advertising waters with confidence and attract clients ready to embark on their own transformative journeys with your guidance. So, hoist the sails, captain, and chart your course to coaching success!

That's a lot of information to take in! If you're feeling overwhelmed and want personalized guidance on starting your coaching course from scratch, don't hesitate to book a call with us. We'll help you navigate the process and chart a course to success.

Download our free cheat sheet with the actionable checklist guide for successful ads in your online coaching business HERE

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