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The Self-Taught Designer Podcast Ep 8: Thankful Design: The Journey of a Self-Taught Designer

podcast Nov 23, 2023
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The Spirit of Thanksgiving and the Pursuit of Creative Dreams


In this Thanksgiving special, we go beyond the traditional feast to savor a different kind of journey. Join us as we explore the parallel between the spirit of Thanksgiving and the evolution of a self-taught designer. Through the lens of persistence and gratitude, we share the story of a creative's path – from the humble beginnings to the soaring accomplishments. Just as Thanksgiving celebrates both harvest and blessings, our guest's tale reminds us that every step of the journey is worth acknowledging and appreciating.

Hosted by Joanna founder of SavvyChic Design, this short yet meaningful episode is a reminder that success is woven from the threads of dedication and thankfulness. Tune in for an inspiring boost of positivity as we embrace the true essence of this season.

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Hey everyone, and happy Thanksgiving! Today on the show, I'm exploring the parallels between the spirit of Thanksgiving and the spirit of learning, particularly for self-taught designers.

Just like the pilgrims who ventured into the unknown to forge a new life, self-taught designers embark on their own journeys, facing challenges and emerging stronger and wiser. Despite the challenges, self-taught designers bring a unique value to the world. They are passionate, dedicated, and creative individuals who are not afraid to forge their own paths.

So, if you're a self-taught designer, I encourage you to stay true to yourself, embrace your journey, and be grateful for every challenge and victory along the way.

And just as Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our blessings, I encourage you to take this opportunity to appreciate your own unique skills and talents. Be grateful for the challenges you have faced, as these experiences have helped you to grow and evolve as a designer.

If you're inspired by this episode, please share your story and inspire others. You can do this by writing a blog post, creating a video, or simply talking to your friends and family about your journey. Your story may be just the inspiration that someone else needs to pursue their own creative dreams.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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