Welcome to The Self-Taught Designer Podcast's Guest Invitation Portal!

We're excited to announce the relaunch of our podcast, and we believe your self-taught journey and experiences can inspire countless listeners. Will you join us in making our comeback season truly unforgettable?



Be Part of The Relaunch

Join our handpicked lineup of guests to grace our renewed series, giving listeners insights from the best in the design realm.

Expand Your Influence

Tap into our global audience, celebrating the essence of self-taught brilliance in the design industry.

Narrate Your Journey

This is your stage to share challenges, triumphs, and the passion that drove your self-taught venture.



  • Seamless Experience: Our team ensures a hassle-free recording experience. Whether you're a podcast veteran or a first-timer, we've got you covered.
  • Promotion: Once the episode airs, we'll promote it across all our channels, ensuring it gets the attention it deserves.
  • Duration: Each episode is approximately 60 minutes long, packed with genuine conversations and listener questions.

Who should consider applying to be a guest on
"The Self-Taught Designer Podcast" and why:


1. Ambitious Self-Taught Designers:
Why: Those who have successfully navigated the complex world of self-taught design have unique insights, stories, and strategies to share. Their narrative can inspire countless listeners embarking on a similar journey, offering both motivation and guidance.

2. Industry Innovators:
Why: Individuals who have introduced innovative design techniques, tools, or methods can showcase their pioneering work. By highlighting these innovations, listeners can stay updated on cutting-edge developments within the self-taught design realm.

3. Educators & Mentors:
Why: Those who teach or mentor budding designers, especially with a focus on self-guided learning, bring a wealth of knowledge about common challenges, effective teaching techniques, and valuable resources. Their expertise can provide direction to listeners eager to further their design education outside traditional institutions.

4. Design Entrepreneurs:
Why: Professionals who've started their own design agencies, businesses, or freelance careers without a formal background can provide insights into merging design skills with business acumen. Their experiences will inspire and guide listeners looking to monetize their self-taught design skills.

5. Students of Formal Design Schools:
Why: While this might seem counterintuitive, having guests from formal design backgrounds can offer a comparative perspective. They can discuss the benefits and limitations they've perceived in traditional design education and how they integrate self-taught techniques into their growth. This balanced viewpoint can give listeners a comprehensive understanding of the design landscape.

6. Expert in a different field that resonates still helps and empowers self-taught designers
Why: Design, at its core, is not just about visual aesthetics but about problem-solving, storytelling, and creating an experience. When experts from diverse fields join our podcast, they bring unique perspectives, methodologies, and strategies that are often outside the traditional design framework. So we would love you to be on our show;.

What is next...

Application Review

We will review the submitted applications to assess the potential fit to bring to the show.

Episode Planning

We will start discussing potential topics, the structure of the episode, and any other content-related specifics.

Schedule Recording

Pick a date and time convenient to you. Let's also check some of the tech stuff and make sure we are good!

Recording Day

It's show time! Get ready and be comfortable as we talk about you and your journey. The world needs your story.

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