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How To Build a Sales Page That Converts

kajabi website tips Nov 15, 2022
How To Build a Sales Page That Converts

The key to converting casual readers to paying clients/customers is a good sales page. Making a sales page that converts requires you to think about writing styles that grab the reader’s attention. 

Making a high-converting sales page is no easy task. It needs to be informative, persuasive, and not to mention attention-grabbing. So, there are a lot of elements that you need to consider when doing these things. You’re not just creating a sales page, you’re creating something that makes the average person into a loyal customer.

Sounds like a lot of pressure right? Don’t overthink this too much because I’m here to share you the tips and tricks of creating a sales page that converts!


Understand your audience

Just like giving a gift to a friend, you really need to know the people that you want to convert. Who are they? What do they want? What are they struggling with?

The more you understand your potential clients, the stronger your sales page becomes. These people will feel like you’re inside their head and that you know exactly what they want or need. A perfect way to understand your audience is to create a persona that represents who your ideal customer is. This can be done through customer surveys, interpreting social media and website analytics, and other online research. Look for patterns or trends that can help you in understanding them better.


Make your offer clear and concise

Don’t make your offer too complicated or confusing, that’ll turn your potential https://www.savvychicdesign.com/blog/happy-client-happy-life away. If they can’t understand what you’re offering, then they won’t stick around to find out. 

It isn’t just the offer that you need to be clear about, the sales page also needs to be short and straight to the point. This also applies to the headline of the sales page. I can’t stress this enough but when it comes to headlines, as much as possible, get it down to one crisp sentence. You don’t need a long introduction! 

This sentence should also be persuasive. You can do this by making the headline about the benefits of your product. 

Take this as an example from SavvyChic Design,

Helping 6-figure coaches, course creators, entrepreneurs, and organizations attract their dream clients!

This headline is clear, concise, and it already tells us the general idea of the services that SavvyChic Design offers.


Place a perfect call-to-actions (CTA)

Think of the CTA as the answer to the headline. An answer to the headline : “Helping 6-figure coaches, course creators, entrepreneurs, and organizations attract their dream clients!” could be “Let’s work together!” or “Sign me up!

Of course, your CTA becomes that button you see all the time when you’re signing up for something. 

Test out different CTA’s. Make sure you pick the catchy ones! 

For a long-form sales page, add several CTA’s. But not too many! You don’t want to see 50 CTA’s crammed in there!


Show what your benefits are

A headline sometimes isn’t enough to make the potential client click that “sign me up” button. Of course, you’re gonna need to fully explain what your product/service actually is and what it does. 

Oh, and place them in bullet points.


Use the right language

Use techniques like:

  • Addressing your potential customer as “you”.
  • Saying “we” so that your customers will feel as if you have their backs.
  • Showing that you empathize with them. 


Put Images and Videos

Graphics, especially visually stunning ones, instantly grab the attention of readers. You can also kick it up a notch by adding videos. 

But make sure that you don’t add videos and graphics willy nilly and expect it to be visually pleasing. If you’re not really good with design, then it’s best that you hire someone that’s good with both graphic and web design.


Add social proof and testimonials

Here’s what a social proof looks like taken here at SavvyChic Design’s home page

Social proofs are a great way of demonstrating the different brands and companies that love working with you, which makes your potential client want to work with you as well. You can also add testimonials from satisfied customers!


Put social media share buttons

If you look at our About page, you can see that we put social media share buttons so that people can easily share the page to their friends.


Add a sense of urgency

Based on my experience as a human being, I’d hate to miss out on anything, and so will your potential clients! Limited time offers and deals fuel that fear and they really make your sales page convert like crazy!


Add a FAQ section

FAQ’s are also very helpful. This is where you’ll anticipate issues or questions that your prospective customers will have and make sure that they’ll be guided through it. 


So there you go! Once you learn how to create a sales page that converts, you can start getting more clients…and more clients means more dollars!!!😉

It’s all about figuring out what makes your visitors tick!

A sales page has one goal: getting people to convert…that’s why it’s best to remove anything that distracts or stops that goal. 


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