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10 Savvy Guide for Starting Your Own Website

website tips Apr 04, 2022
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Creating exposure for your business these days is just a click of a button. Using different social media platforms is such a big help for starting entrepreneurs. But as your business grows, you decided that it is about time to have your own website where you can showcase your skills and expertise.

Doing your own website can be daunting. You don’t know where to start. But if you learn the right tools and have good help, then you will have your website up and running in no time.

As a website designer, creating a good plan helps a lot. And using this checklist will surely help you take note of the basic things you need to do first. Moreover, this will make your website creation easy if you decide to do it yourself and not hire someone to do it for you.

Know Your Goal and Purpose

Why are you building a website? And what do you want your website to achieve for you?

Do you want to sell some products, services or both which is an e-commerce site?

Also, consider this: do you want to mainly use it as a place to have your information like an online brochure for your business?

Do you just want to have a blog for your written content?

Get a Domain Name

Get your domain name. Your Domain Name is the online address that people type to be able to find you online.

Example of Domain Name Registrars:




Siteground.com, and


List Your Site Pages

Number of pages,

Title of the pages, and

Sections and subsection for each page.

Choosing the Best Web Hosting

This is where your website files are stored. 

Connect Your Domain Name to Your Website

Make sure you connect your domain name to your website host or where your website is located.

Example: Both your domain name with GoDaddy and BlueHost is hosting your email. You need then to point your domain name to BlueHost and adding the DNS of BlueHost to GoDaddy. If you are having issues on this part, then contact your Hosting and Domain Customer Service Provider to help you with this.

Plan and Organize Your Content

Identify what website content is important and create it.

What information will your visitors find useful?

Personally, I recommend the book Building A Brand Story by Donald Miller to simplify your message

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Responsive

We usually design our site on our desktop or laptop. However, keep in mind the majority of your visitors will check your site on their mobile phones. So make sure the design adjusts accordingly to mobile viewing. Research the capabilities of your site.

Be on Brand and Be Consistent

Make sure you use your visual brand to guide you as you build your site and be consistent.

Promote Your Website

People won’t know you have a website if you don’t tell them. By typing your URL, this will be a clickable link that people can click when they see your content with this. Share what you have created. You need website traffic to make your investment worthwhile.

Keep Updating

Keep creating useful content for your audience and optimize your site. Also, use it as your tool to showcase your skills and expertise.

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