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New Features for Instagram Creators as of June 2022

creator instagram reels social media Jul 02, 2022

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. By providing an enriching experience for viewers and creators, Instagram has amassed a very large user platform. At the beginning of June 2022, Instagram released a few new awesome features for creators. 

Let’s keep the ball rolling! Here’s sharing the benefits of these new features! 


90-second reels -  Reels is a relatively newer addition to Instagram, and has proven itself useful for creators, having a longer form of video content for your viewers which allows your reach to expand greatly. With the new update, reels can now be 90 seconds long, creating even more opportunities to spread your quality content without having to be so brief. Which simply means, more exposure for you and your business, right?

Import Audio in Reels -If you want to make sure your video content has quality voice over audio or music, well now, you can import audio files for your reels! Amazing, isn’t it?  This new feature ensures that you are providing the best content to your audience. Having control over the quality of sound is very important, as it keeps the viewer engaged and helps push your message clearly. 
So if you cannot choose any audio from the Instagram Reels’ list, then now is the time to import your very own!

Interactive Stickers in Reels - Attention-grabbing is one of the most important steps of online marketing and presence. Interactive stickers are a great new addition to reels, proven very successful by their use on stories, as it helps grab the viewer’s eye and create an engaging experience. A few of the sticker offerings are, quiz stickers, poll stickers, and emoji sliders. Now, who’s excited?

Profile Grid Pinning - Instagram creators now have the exciting ability to pin photos and reels onto our profile grid, taking the top 3 spots. You can select to pin the item during the posting or editing process. Pinning your most important informative posts or reels to the top of your profile grid will streamline the viewers experience in hearing the most important aspects of your business or page. Check out your most engaged posts and reels and go ahead and start pinning!

The continued creative freedom that Instagram is providing is a wonderful helping hand in the creative flow for many creators, allowing us to hone our skills and create valuable content that will gain more reach. 

 At SavvyChic Design we are excited to utilize these news features to continue providing quality content for you through our Social Media Management Services


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