It’s Been a Great End of The Year

motivation team management women-owned-business Jan 05, 2023


As the end of the year approaches, it's natural to reflect on the past 12 months and all that has happened. This year has been filled with challenges and unexpected twists and turns, and it's likely that we've all made a few mistakes along the way. But it's also a time to celebrate the things we've accomplished and the things we've learned.


A Year of Process and System

Putting effective systems in place has always been proven to improve efficiency, enhance quality, promote accountability, and make sure that everything is as smooth as butter! Here at SavvyChic Design, we’ve made sure that we create a seamless experience when we on-board and off-board our clients. Our team is dedicated to making sure that the process is smooth and seamless, and we work closely with clients to ensure that all of their needs are met. 

We had a clear focus on serving 6-7 Figure Coaches, Online Educators, Businesses and Organizations who want to add e-learning programs to their business. 


A Year of Family and Fun!

Our goal has always been to serve our clients and to make sure that their businesses have been elevated. With that being said, we’ve added new hard working team members who are contributing to that goal. We’ve always treated each other as family, and we’re always welcome in expanding that level of companionship. 

We value and respect each and every one of our employees, clients, and partners. We know that it takes a team effort to succeed, and we strive to create a positive, inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported. We believe that by treating each other with kindness and compassion, we can build strong, meaningful relationships and work together to achieve our goals. We take pride in all of this and believe that it is one of the key factors that sets us apart from other organizations.

All work and no play doesn’t really boost morale for any team. Which is why we’ve added a little bit of spice to our monthly meetings by adding a theme to them. Imagine a team meeting where everyone is dressed up as their childhood superheroes, and a team meeting where everyone is dressed as the scariest ghoul for halloween! Now that sounds enjoyable, right?

 Plus, we get to play dress-up, which is always fun.

A Year of Mistakes and Learnings

There were definitely moments this year when the team felt overwhelmed. With so much on our plates and so much going on in the world, it was easy to feel like we were in over our heads. But despite these challenges, we were able to push through and continue making progress.

One of the things that helped us get through these tough moments was our commitment to working together as a team. We knew that we were all in this together and that we needed to support each other if we were going to get through the challenges we faced. We communicated openly and honestly, and we made an effort to be there for each other when things got tough.

We also learned the importance of self-care and taking breaks when needed. We recognized that it was okay to step back and recharge, and that doing so actually made us more productive, creative and effective in the long run. By prioritizing our well-being, we were able to stay focused and motivated even when things seemed overwhelming.

Overall, despite these rough patches, and despite the mistakes that we have made, we were able to push through and come out stronger on the other side. We learned that mistakes are lessons. We learned the value of teamwork, self-care, and resilience, and we are grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn together as a team.


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