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6 Savvy Tips to Boost Creativity

branding graphics Nov 07, 2021

When we hear the word “Creative” or “Creativity”, we normally first think of artists, writers, designers, musicians and the like. But did you know that this very special skill is not limited to these people alone? 

Creativity is all about coming up and recognizing new and exciting ideas, finding new ways, alternatives or possibilities to solve problems, and thinking of the best creative techniques to approach situations. Not to mention that creativity is also about how you communicate with other people, with your clients, and to everyone around you. Most importantly, it also entails how you take care, entertain and make yourself happy. It is indeed a very special and useful skill for all people from all walks of life.

Sometimes, it seems like there are these gifted people who are being showered with so much creative juices and you might just feel that you didn’t get as much! Well, here’s some good news for you! Creativity is something that you can truly cultivate and develop! Well of course, just give some effort with your hard work and a little practice will surely improve your creative ability.

So without further ado, here’s sharing my 6 Savvy ideas on how to stimulate your own creativity!

Create your special space

One of the key things that I find really effective as a designer, myself, is that it is so important for me that I have my very own personal space at home. This is where I can do all my creations, visualize and think of new ideas. This is also where I pin and display all my inspirations around me and I decorate it the way that makes me feel really comfortable. 

But hey! It doesn’t have to be one whole room. A little corner in your house will do and you just have to start bringing out your creative skills here! You might want to make it personal like painting it with colors that suit your personality. I personally love whites! 

Remember that practice makes progress and a little progress is already a big achievement! So start practicing with your creative thinking techniques here in your own personal space. And oh, don’t forget to take a before photo! You’ll just be surprised when you see the aftermath.

Find an inspiration

Sometimes it sounds too cheesy but inspirations are real! There are times when you get mental blocked and nothing just comes out of your head. Well guess what? Don’t lose hope! There are lots of things that could help you get going. 

Try and find one thing, big or small, that you can do today to keep your creativity flowing. Also, do you remember that when you were decorating your special space, you also pinned some of your inspirations there? Go and have a look! Still not enough? How about thinking in the first place why you are creating or who you are creating it for to get some motivation? 

If none of these things work, then go out and do something different! Visit a gallery, watch a movie, work in a cafe, or just have a good walk and breathe in some fresh air! Maybe you just need some balance and feel the nature to refresh! You also need this time to be unfocused and unwind to give room for inspiration and brand new fresh ideas! 


Manage and respect your creative time

One great way to improve your creative ability is to identify the time of the day when you think that your brain functions well and secretes enough creative juice. For some people, early morning while catching sunrise and sipping their cup of coffee works best for them. While it may be late nights for some when everyone else in the house is asleep where they find peace and serenity and creativity gets activated!

When you do find your creative time, be eager to stick to it and make sure that other people respect it too! Time management is always the key! 

Just a piece of advice, leave a small piece of your work undone so you will always have a starting point when you go back.

Be open to new ideas

Yes I know you have a lot of bright ideas in mind! Don’t forget to jot them down, okay? But know that it is also helpful to welcome new ideas and be able to develop and even more, enhance them! 

Open your curiosity. Go ahead and make your creative experience always fun, playful and exciting! 


Mistakes happen!

We always hear the famous line, “learn from your mistakes!”, isn’t it? It is our nature that when we make a mistake, we may feel fear or hopelessness. With this, negative thoughts start running in our heads which could lead to negative self-talk. Always be mindful of this and never let it hold back from your comfort zone.

Always remember that in times that you feel fear, or you are making mistakes and start being uncomfortable with what you are doing, just sit back and say, “this too shall pass!”


Believe in yourself!

Comparing yourself to others doesn’t help! Imitating others will just not do anything good. Nobody is perfect, it is true. Forget about perfection. It will just limit yourself and your creativity. 

You are enough. You are amazing. You can do this! You will work on this! At times, you just have to slow down and be present. And most of all, believe in yourself and trust your capabilities! You are unique, and you are a rockstar!

There are surely a lot of ways on how to improve your creativity. But these creative thinking techniques have proven work for me and I hope they will to you too. It seems easy but you know that everything takes a lot of hard work, right? But I really hope that you will find these tips helpful to boost your creativity!

If you have any questions about my Savvy tips, I’d really love to hear from you in the comments below!


Stay Savvy!



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