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More Color to the Workplace With the Canva Visual Work Suite and Other Amazing Tools

canva canva new features canva updates canva user Sep 21, 2022
More Color to the Workplace With the Canva Visual Work Suite and Other Amazing Tools

Canva is going all in on their passion for making everything we do in the business world much more visually appealing. Their passion has led them to becoming more than just a graphic design tool. This time, Canva is expanding to make everything in your workplace even better with the latest unveiling of their Visual Work Suite during their Canva Create 2022 event!

Canva is best known for being an amazing graphic design tool for the average consumer. Their vast library of visually pleasing templates has also been one of their signature features. But imagine if all of that functionality and visually pleasing aesthetics were applied to your everyday workplace needs!

Since Canva is dipping their toes into the work suite business, it is understandable that people online will draw their comparisons between Canva and Microsoft Office or the Google Suite. But according to Cliff Obrecht, COO and Canva co-founder, their products are “inherently visual”. So it seems like they’re marketing their new line of products/tools as more focusing on the visual aspects of everyday work.

Pretty amazing, right? Let’s dive right into the newest tools and features!

The Visual Work Suite


Canva Whiteboard

This makes collaborating, communicating, and sharing ideas with your team even better! With Canva’s new visual whiteboard, remote work and asynchronous collaborations are now more fun and seamless! Canva has specifically built this to be able to make idea sharing for your team quick and easy.

Who knew whiteboards can actually be this visually appealing? 

If you want to learn more about the new Canva Whiteboard feature, visit the video tutorial here.

Canva Video Tools

Canva can now be your very own video editing software, and a powerful one at that! Their knack for being a graphic design tool will now also be seen when you’re editing videos! That’s something a lot of people will truly appreciate, especially when their videos will come out as visually pleasing as you want them to be.

Canva has also unveiled a feature that erases the background of any picture or video that you put into the editor. Although it requires you to have the pro version of Canva, with just one click of a button, you can have pictures with backgrounds automatically removed for you! Talk about some amazing video editing technology!


Canva Presentations

This isn’t a new feature to Canva but it is still an incredibly useful tool for creating beautiful presentations.

With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about making your own designs because of the thousands of amazing templates that you can choose from! Goodbye to boring and plain powerpoint presentations, hello amazingly stylized Canva presentations!


Canva Docs

Canva is taking it a step further by integrating their knack for graphic design into their very own Canva docs! It takes everything that was already there from a document editing tool and supercharges it with engaging templates, graphics, charts, graphs, images, and even videos! This really gives life to what once was dull text on dull images on dull graphs and charts. You being able to add videos and images creates whole new possibilities for document editing. All of this really encourages you to let your imagination run wild!


Canva Websites

Not only is Canva diving into everyday workplace areas like presentations and docs, but it’s also dipping its toes into creating your very own one-page website in minutes! As usual, Canva lets you pick from a number of templates based on what type of website you want to make; either a portfolio website, event website, retail website, bio link website, or a service website! 

Not only that, Canva also lets you create your own domain! For the right price of course.


Canva Print Products

Adding to their work suite is a tool that lets you design things for anything! We’re talking about designs and templates for wall calendars, business cards, stickers, postcards, t-shirts, posters, and even mugs! This feature is absolutely perfect for designing almost every aspect of a business!


Canva Social Media

Canva’s very own tool for creating and designing social media posts! You can now easily design content for your Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Whatsapp, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Twitter! All it takes is just a few clicks.

With Canva’s amazing AI, designing anything is now as smooth and as easy as ever! With their latest unveiling of their own visual work suite, Canva is making everyday workloads more fun, engaging, and easy with just a few simple clicks. It isn’t an actual replacement for Microsoft Office or the Google suite, but it is definitely a great alternative when you want to focus on design.

Of course, to be able to use these new and exciting features fully, you need a Canva Pro subscription. Click here to get 45 days free!


New Features

During their Canva Create 2022 event, not only did they unveil their newest lineup of their very own visual work suite, but they also discussed their new features that are focused on creators, teams, and for the average consumer. Let’s take a look!

Canva Creators

Canva Creators is a program dedicated to graphic designers and template makers selling their work on Canva. This program ensures that freelance graphic designers have full control over their work hours, enjoy creative freedom, and to have a steady income based on their content’s performance. 

SavvyChic Design is also part of the Canva Creators program. We focus on helping small business owners online. You can visit us here!

App Marketplace

Canva is also creating their very own app marketplace! These apps help make the Canva design experience even smoother and more functional with apps such as text-to-image, a QR code generator, an app that applies effects to your images, and even an app that lets you post your Canva designs directly to your social media accounts! All these create an even better design experience.


Canva for Teams

Canva for Teams is an all-in-one tool for designing content with your team and customers. This is an amazing collaboration tool that makes working with your team much easier! You can now create different kinds of content for different aspects of life. In their Canva Create 2022 event, they showed us the possibilities of using Canva for Teams such as creating content for nonprofit organizations, content for ease of education, for sports, and for many other things. 


Canva has shown us how incredibly useful it can be not only when it comes to the design aspect of businesses, but it can also be useful with creating the best content for all aspects of the community itself. 

It’s amazing how creating engaging and visually appealing content for businesses and organizations is now one click away. Canva is making graphic design and content creation for everyone.

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