How You Can Effectively Communicate To Your Target Audience May 21, 2023

Hey there, business owner! If you want to make more than just pocket change with your products or services, you'll need to find and engage with the right customers. Don't waste your time and money on a broad audience that isn't interested or can't afford what you offer. Instead, let's talk about...

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What Voice Does Your Brand Resonate? May 07, 2023

Your brand message is like the boring sidekick of your business

Let's get real. Your brand message is like the boring sidekick of your business - always lurking in the background and never getting the attention it deserves. 

But here's the thing: your brand message is actually the superhero...

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Make or Break: Why Your First Impression Can Make or Break Your Brand's Success Apr 30, 2023

The Art of Content First Impressions

Think of your brand strategy content like meeting someone for the first time. When you meet someone, you want to make a good first impression, right? You want to show them that you're friendly, approachable, and someone worth getting to know. The same goes for...

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Your Business Brand Identity: The Real Reflection of You Apr 09, 2023

Have you ever looked at another company's website and thought: “Woah, they look nice, they’re probably trustworthy and creative and and and…..” and some other compliments that you can think of. 

You said all that just by looking at their website. Sure, you’re...

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Why Content Curation is Important for Your Website Mar 30, 2023

In today’s day and age, competition is stiff and fast-paced. When it comes to making sure that your website is still getting traffic, you definitely still need to have fresh material that you can still provide. Information is a growing demand. And it’s a demand I think sometimes most...

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Building Brand Awareness for Small Business Owners (Tips as an Exhibitor) Mar 19, 2023

Commerce Lexington’s EMERGE Conference brings together Central Kentucky leaders for a full day filled with activities and exhibits with the goal of bringing together and impacting the community. The EMERGE conference featured guest speakers like Kiana Baker and Sharina Fox as they had their...

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Walkthrough to WordPress! Mar 12, 2023

You might think that creating a website is just for the IT nerds and the tech savvy people. You might’ve also thought that you need to spend countless hours (and possibly a whole lot of money) trying to learn code to create a website.

And If I were being honest, I once thought that in order...

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Turning Website Visitors into Leads Feb 26, 2023

So let’s picture this: you’ve already created the website that really attracted potential customers. You’ve made sure that everything in your website was in order, the design, the performance, the content, the payment options, everything. Your website traffic is on the rise and...

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Savvy Gal Crishine Brought The Flag To Graphika Manila! Feb 23, 2023

We're excited to share some highlights from the recent Graphika Manila conference attended by Savvy Gal Crishine from Savvychic Design. The conference, held last February 11-12, 2023, emphasized the importance of continuous learning, personal development, and collaboration in the creative...

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How a Great Membership Website Design Gets You More Conversions Feb 18, 2023


Membership websites are great, right? They bring a lot of value to the customer and to the business owner as well. Not to mention, that it’s a great way of earning a steady stream of revenue.

If there’s one thing that you should know, it’s that membership websites are a...

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