Your Business Brand Identity: The Real Reflection of You

branding Apr 09, 2023
Your Business Brand Identity: The Real Reflection of You

Have you ever looked at another company's website and thought: “Woah, they look nice, they’re probably trustworthy and creative and and and…..” and some other compliments that you can think of. 

You said all that just by looking at their website. Sure, you’re gonna say that it's because they had cool designs and you like the colors that they use. Or you can even say that you like the logo or you like the way they organize their info. Or you just love how creative they are with their presentation.

This just doesn’t apply to websites too. You can look at a company’s social media feed and you’ll instantly know that they have this certain theme going on. “Oh they write their content in a funny way so this company must be cool” or “Their voice is just the voice that I wanted to hear so this company must be smart as heck”

You’re really looking at all these little things and already assessing that it’s what the general company is. Have you ever noticed that?

So, what does this mean?


Being Different

I want you to think about other brands for a second. For this example, I want you to think about Apple and Samsung. Both companies create and sell gadgets and tech, with their most notable products being smartphones. They sell the same products, right? But what do you think makes both of them different?

Take a look at Apple’s products, incredibly high-end products (and very expensive too). Their stores themselves are built as if everything looks so modern and…well…..prestige. And if you take a look at Samsung, they really have a thing for space with their galaxy phones and they have their emphasis on simplicity. They make it seem like their products are for everyone. 

Their brand identity, how they present themselves, how they show themselves to people, is what makes them different and is what creates a statement. 

And, if you take a look at our website here at Savvychic Design, we’re presenting ourselves as ✨designers✨

You don’t need to say it, your brand needs to say it for itself. 


The Anatomy of a Brand’s Identity

A brand’s identity is also its visual elements, which always captures the eyes of the viewers and potential customers. In creating your brand, here are some things you definitely need to consider:

  • Color

The colors you pick don't just have to look good; they have to mean something too. So, what does your brand mean to you? What does this color mean to you? And how would other people see this color? 

Pick your colors wisely! 

  • Design

This is where your colors are best used for. Creating great design. But you also need to ask yourself, what’s the objective of your design? What kind of statement should I make with this design? 

A simple yet elegant design also reflects your brand as simple and elegant. A more artistic approach reflects you as an artist. You decide. 

  • Logo

Of course, you can’t forget about the logo. It’s the one that grabs attention and is the foundation for your brand identity. 

Need help with designing a logo that makes your mark? Here’s another article that can help you! 

  • Marketing

All design and no tell won’t really bode well for you. If you think you’ve got something nice to show, then show it! Whether it be through email marketing and advertising. You gotta show people what you’re worth too!


The Wonder of You

Ultimately, your brand identity should almost always reflect what you really are about and what you can do for people.

So what’s wonderful about you?


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