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Why Content Curation is Important for Your Website

website tips Mar 30, 2023
Why Content Curation is Important for Your Website

In today’s day and age, competition is stiff and fast-paced. When it comes to making sure that your website is still getting traffic, you definitely still need to have fresh material that you can still provide. Information is a growing demand. And it’s a demand I think sometimes most of us struggle with. 

If you can’t create new content just yet, why not curate?


Curating Content vs Content Creation

Unlike content creation, which relies on you literally creating content for your readers, content curation is the act of finding and sharing excellent (especially relevant) information. 

It’s just like the share button that you can find on most social media apps. You’d be sharing content from other sources and brands. Of course, you shouldn’t just blatantly say that this information is yours. You gotta acknowledge the source of that info. 

However, you shouldn’t be sharing other people’s content more than you create them. That’s just being lazy. 

Benefits of Content Curation

The main benefits of curating your content include;

  • Saves time. 

Which do you think is faster? Planning, researching, and creating content? Or clicking that “share” button on a relevant topic?

The answer’s pretty obvious. Not everything that you need to put out there should be original. 

  • Builds Relationships. 

Curating content is actually one way of networking. You can let the original creator know that you like their content and that you shared it with your audience. 

Great, right? Just remember to end it there and not message the original creator back with “Hey I shared your content, wanna share some of mine?”. Doing that would make it look like you’re only sharing their content so that they can share yours. 

  • Positions yourself as a thought-leader. 

“But wait, wouldn’t that make me less of an expert if I share content from other experts?’

Absolutely not. Actually, it increases your credibility as an expert by sharing relevant information from other sources. Curating the new, best stuff shows that you’re in the know about your industry and its trends. It’s like you’re saying “Yep, we know about this. We know what we’re talking about and yeah we’re pretty dang smart” without having to actually say it out loud. 

Curating Content the Savvy Way

While curating content doesn’t really require you to flex all your brain muscles, you still need a strategy. 

  • Share a variety of content types and sources.

Share blogs, infographics, eBooks, images, articles, and videos. Don’t just share from one source, make it a variety.

  • Add your voice.

It’s better to add your own opinions or additional information when sharing content. That way, you’d still be able to add your own personality to it. 

  • Credit your sources. 

Always give credit where credit is due. Always remember to tag and link the original creator. Never show as if curated content is something that you made yourself. 

Not only is it plain wrong, but plagiarism is a thing. 

So there you have it! Lighten your content planning load by curating some content instead of always creating one yourself!

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