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Turning Website Visitors into Leads

website tips Feb 26, 2023
Turning Website Visitors into Leads

So let’s picture this: you’ve already created the website that really attracted potential customers. You’ve made sure that everything in your website was in order, the design, the performance, the content, the payment options, everything. Your website traffic is on the rise and now you get to pat yourself in the back.

But wait! You’re noticing that even with the high website traffic, you’re not generating any sales, or if you have, it’s not as much as you expected. So, you can’t relax just yet. Now the next step that you need to do is to convert these website visitors into leads.


What’s a Lead?

Generating leads is the art of making consumers interested in buying products or services from your business. 

So, it isn’t enough to just let people be in your website, especially if you’re a small business. You have to constantly market your business through lead marketing, or through sales funnels, in order to get those sales numbers up!


Here’s how you can convert website visitors into leads using a lead generation funnel!


  1. Create a Compelling Offer

What draws people to your website, and what makes them buy from you as well, is what you’re offering to them. What you offer has to speak to them, hits their pain points, and makes them fill out the form and get access to that premium offering. Say if you want to attract someone that’s looking for a designer, you’d want to create an offer that attracts them into hiring a designer!

You can offer a free consultation; or a 30-day free trial to the premium content that you’re offering; or even offer a live demonstration of the product. Here’s a perfect chance for you to use your creativity! 


  1. Have CTA’s

Calls-to-action in your website is guaranteed to let visitors take action. That is, to sign up or buy whatever product you’re selling. Even if it’s just a simple “sign up!” or “buy now!” button. Always keep it short and make sure to choose colors that make it stand out aesthetically!


  1. Create a Landing Page

A landing page is exactly what it sounds like. Once your website visitors have already clicked on the CTA’s on your website, they would automatically ‘land’ on this webpage. It’s where they would be taking action. Having a call-to-action with no place to take action on is a mistake that is made by many business owners. 


Your landing page should contain these two elements:

Offering Description - This description shouldn’t be wordy. Instead, it would just highlight what makes this product or offering worth it. And of course, putting beautiful graphics on this part is very important. 

The Visitor Form - This is where you’ll be asking for the visitor’s basic information. You’ll be using this for sales and marketing purposes. A form that asks for the person’s name and email address is already enough. You’ll be using this information to email them updates or new offerings.

Just make sure that you don’t ask for too much information though. It’ll make you appear shady, which will them suspicious of you and make them back out of the purchase. 


  1. Create a Thank You Page

Once your customer has signed the form and purchased your product, immediately redirect them to a thank you page. This page shouldn’t be wordy. Say for example you’re selling an ebook, your thank you page should just have a simple “thank you for downloading!” with a“you can download the ebook here!” button at the bottom. 


  1. Measure Results

In order for you to know what’s working and what isn’t, measure your results! If things aren’t working try another strategy! Monitor your click-through-rate on your CTA’s, the conversion rate on your landing page, and the number of new leads and sales from your offering. If things aren’t really working for you, test out different CTA’s, landing pages, product descriptions, and offers. Test them out every 3-4 weeks to see what’s working and what isn’t!

So, there you have it! A simple 5-step process to turn website visitors into leads. If you optimize this lead generation funnel correctly, you’ll be sure to see those numbers climb!



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