Top 5 Must-Have Tools for Course Creators

creator kajabi users Mar 21, 2021

Simplify your course creation by finding the right tools to get the job done!

The online course creation market has exploded in the last few years. You can take your knowledge and experience, bundle it into a format people can easily consume, and sell it to the masses. It’s a great way to turn your skills into passive income while helping other entrepreneurs succeed.

So have you ever wondered what you need in order to start creating your very own learning experience? Surely there are tools that will make the job easier and more efficient.

There absolutely are!


Keep reading to learn about my top 5 must-have tools for course creators.

To start with, let me just assure you that, while there are literally hundreds of things you can buy, borrow, or download to make your course amazing, you don’t have to get them all…

Think carefully about the kind of learning experience you want to create for your students. Then use only the tools you need to make it happen. Don’t fall for the ever-famous “shiny object syndrome!” You don’t need all the gadgets available on the market.


What kind of tools do you need to get started in course creation?

First of all, you will need a few gadgets. By that, I mean the physical tools to get the job done. In other words, the hardware you’ll use to plan, create, and record your valuable content.

Secondly, you’ll need software. These will be the programs that help you edit and assemble your course material in a professional way. There are so many options out there, so stay tuned for my suggestions below!

And the third area you’ll need to consider is the platform you’ll use to deliver your course. Again, there are a lot of choices available, so stick with me!


Gadgets to create quality content.

If you want your students to feel a connection to you, you’re going to want to teach through video. If they only want written content, you could write a book!

But by including video as well as something like a workbook to get them responding, you’ll build trust, credibility, and the opportunity for them to learn on a deeper level.

And to make a great video, you’ll need some equipment.


  • Tool #1 - A high-quality external camera for recording clear, professional videos.
    My favorite camera is the Logitech BRIO 4K Camera. It delivers fantastic picture quality, with 4K image sensors and autofocus. And, even though I definitely love getting my lighting just right, this camera comes with RightLight 3 technology that automatically adjusts its exposure and contrast to help you look awesome in any lighting. Plus it’s simple to set up. Just plug it in and go.


  • Tool #2 - A dedicated microphone to cut out background noise and deliver crystal clear audio.
    Blue Microphones are my favorite brand. You can find my exact model here. I love them for their high quality and reasonable price tag. You can definitely spend a lot of money on a microphone! But, especially if you’re just getting started, look for something with easy set-up and proven performance. Your computer’s built-in microphone just isn’t going to provide the reliable and great-sounding audio you want for your online course.


Software to record and edit your content into top-quality instructional videos.
  • Tool #3 - A great streaming service that allows you to broadcast your content to the world.
    Streamyard is my favorite software for recording and streaming live videos. I love how it allows me to stream in multiple places at once. Work smarter, not harder, right? Streamyard has several really great features that make it perfect for creating a course with ongoing deliverable content. You can brand your videos with your logo, invite comments and even share them on the screen, and invite your viewers to take action. Your students will feel more immersed in the content you’re delivering. Plus, you can use Streamyard to put out live videos and interviews to market your course and gain new students. It’s a seamless way to get your message out on multiple platforms in a consistent way. Check out the free version here, or consider the paid upgrades.


  • Tool #4 - A user-friendly editing software for creating a professional final product. If you’re not familiar with video editing, it might make you want to pull your hair out! But I use Filmora to simply edit all my video content with very minimal effort. Filmora is so easy to use. Drag and drop editors let you edit, enhance, and turn out high-level videos like a pro! Keep it simple, or get creative. Whatever suits your audience and personal style. Try it out for free here.


And finally, a platform to pull it all together.
  • Tool #5 - An all-in-one course creation platform to seamlessly bring your course to the students who need it. Sure, you can figure out the tech to make all your apps and software and other tools work together. But why not simplify with one system that has it all? Kajabi is that system. I love how it integrates everything from my landing pages to my content, email marketing, and even payment gateways. I don’t have to worry about my apps not working together, or an integration breaking down. 


Want to know more? Last month I broke down the top 3 reasons I’ve switched to Kajabi for all my course creation needs, not only for myself but also for my clients. It just makes sense to keep things simple.


Have you started building your online course? What tools would you recommend to create the best final product possible? Let me know in the comments!

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