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Savvy Gal Crishine Brought The Flag To Graphika Manila!

graphics team management women-owned-business Feb 23, 2023

We're excited to share some highlights from the recent Graphika Manila conference attended by Savvy Gal Crishine from Savvychic Design. The conference, held last February 11-12, 2023, emphasized the importance of continuous learning, personal development, and collaboration in the creative industry.

"Attending the Graphika Manila conference for the first time was an incredible experience that left a lasting impression on me. The conference featured some of the most impressive art and design industry speakers, who shared their knowledge, expertise, and insights on various topics. 

It was truly inspiring to listen to the experiences and success stories of these creatives, who had paved their way to success through hard work and dedication.

One of the fascinating discussions was about creating 3D effects in films and animations. As someone who has always been interested in digital art and animation, it was amazing to see how the speakers used cutting-edge technology to bring their ideas to life and learn about the workflow and the tools used in the process. I was also impressed by the level of collaboration and teamwork in creating these kinds of projects. It reinforced the importance of surrounding oneself with other creatives to succeed.

Beyond the technical aspects of art and design, the conference also emphasized the importance of mindset and personal development. The words of encouragement and validation from fellow creatives still warm my heart. The speakers shared their experiences with burnout and stress and offered practical advice on avoiding these pitfalls.

One of the most powerful messages that stuck with me was the idea that artists should always be learning and growing in technical skills and personal development.

As a creative, it's easy to get caught up in the pressure of producing work, and I need to remember the importance of taking breaks, setting goals, and collaborating with others. 

Attending the conference reminded me of the need to step back and look at the bigger picture. It is essential to never stop learning and continuously develop new skills to grow in one's career.

Overall, the Graphika Manila conference was an incredible experience that inspired and energized me. 

I came away with a newfound appreciation for the art and design community and a sense of excitement for the endless possibilities in the creative world.

I'm grateful for the chance to participate in such a dynamic and inspiring event. I look forward to attending future conferences and continuing to grow and learn as a designer of Savvychic Design to create, strategize, and build an impact on our business."

We are so proud of our Savvy Gal Crishine who attended the recent Graphika Manila conference! Her experience was incredibly inspiring, and we are excited for her to continue growing and learning as a designer. 

We're confident that her newfound knowledge will lead to even better designs and strategies that will have a positive impact on our business and our clients. Here's to continued growth and success! 

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