How to Write a Powerful Vision Statement

branding Jan 04, 2020

Welcome to 2020!


Are you ready to take on the new year and dominate in your field? 

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve put your goals for the year down on paper and laid out the steps to grow your business. I absolutely think writing out goals is one of the most important things we can do as entrepreneurs! 

You may also have a mission statement that defines why your business exists and who you serve.

But let’s talk about your Vision Statement.

You might be asking, “How is that different from a mission statement? Do I really need a vision statement, too? What IS a vision statement anyway?”

Let’s start there!


What is a Vision Statement?

Your vision is the heartbeat of your business.

It’s the soul of what you dream for the future. It’s about looking forward and thinking about what you want to achieve with your brand. And it’s a reflection of how you view the role of your business in the world around you.

While a mission statement talks about what your company is doing in the present, a vision statement talks about what you will do in the future.

A vision statement is the written expression of your ambition.

So, do you need a vision statement? YES!

Don’t worry! It doesn’t have to belong. Your vision statement might be a short phrase or a couple of paragraphs. The key is to keep it clear and concise. Most importantly, WRITE IT OUT! Get it in front of you every day. It will remind you what you are passionate about for the long term and help you create goals that align with your vision. It will build a foundation for getting you where you want to go.


4 Simple Steps to Writing Your Vision Statement

Now that I’ve convinced you that this is important, let’s look at four things to think about when you sit down to write your vision statement. Remember, you are looking to create a sentence or two that will inspire and drive your business. It will define your overall goal. With that in mind, consider your perspective.


  1. Write from the future

A vision statement is future-oriented.

Fast-forward 5 or 10 years. Envision your life and business. Imagine the projects you will be working on, or what your office will look like. Will you have a team working with you? How big is your team? 

Think about the impact you will be making. When people work with you, how will it change their lives? How will that make you feel about the work you do every day?

Now write from that place, using the present tense.


  1. Define your core values

This is a very personal part of your vision statement. What do you personally hold to be your highest values? Integrity, teamwork, and humility are just a few.

For example, I value boldness. I have a strong personality. I used to try to stop myself from being so bold, mainly out of fear that people may not like me! But boldness in getting things done and asking for what I need is a core value that will get me what I want in my business.

What do you value that can make your dreams a reality and build your vision? There are many different ways to categorize them, but Hubspot put together a great list of 18 core values! You can consider them as a starting place while you brainstorm your vision statement.


  1. Dream big

I firmly believe that the only free thing we have in life is the ability to dream big, and choose what we nurture! 

When I was young, my dad actually used to tell me I was too ambitious. This was very negative for me! I wondered, is it bad to dream? But the more I thought about it, the more I realized, no! I deserve to have a vision and dream big!

In writing your vision statement, don’t hold back! Make it ambitious. This is your dream! Make it a challenge, something you’re passionate about. 

A vision statement is not the place to be stoic or clinical. Put your emotions into dreaming the most amazing future and impact you can!

Marie Forleo is one of my biggest role models. This quote from her book, Everything is Figureoutable, expresses says it so well:


“You wouldn’t have the dream if you didn’t already have what it takes to make it happen.”


So reach for new and challenging heights with your dreams! Write out your vision, and then go make it happen.


  1. Consider feedback

This fourth point comes with a bit of a warning attached.

In creating your vision statement, you should reach out to the people you trust most. Get their honest feedback, because they truly do have your best interest at heart. Let them know you value their opinion. Be prepared to adjust what needs adjusting, because we all need a different viewpoint sometimes!

But here’s where you may need to be careful. Sometimes the people closest to you, with the best of intentions, simply don’t want to see you struggle!

They may think your vision is too big, or too difficult. They see a hard road ahead. What they don’t see is your end goal! 

But I want you to remember, you are the final decision-maker for your business. You are the CEO. You get to decide the path you are going to take to get to your dreams!


Still feeling stuck when you sit down to write your vision statement?


Think of a few companies you respect and admire. They don’t need to be in your industry. Take a look at their vision statements, which you should be able find on their website. 

Let them inspire you!


I am so passionate about helping you create a vision for your business because I’ve seen what it has helped me achieve with SavvyChic Design! I have been able to bring my core values and my business into alignment, and grow to serve so many more entrepreneurs like yourself.

My vision at SavvyChic Design is to help others to gain the freedom that I want for myself.

If you are ready to step into 2020 with a clear vision, and a bold brand to match, let’s chat! 


Book a call today!


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