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Dubsado: The Tool That Keeps Me Sane

marketing work life balance Aug 15, 2021

Do you create your business proposals, links, invoices, and basically everything that needs to be sent out to clients, manually? Trust me, I was exactly the same when I was just starting my business. It gets too overwhelming at times, isn’t it? 

But then as I go along, I have realized that aside from the fact that it is really time-consuming, the manual process really has a lot of window for some errors or missed outs. I also asked myself, how can I leverage this one in a way that it is really enticing to my clients?

Don’t get me wrong! It’s okay to start first with creating things manually, because that way, you will really get to know the process of your business. Once you see that flow, then you will see how a CRM can get those things done for you. 

I am really thankful that I have found Dubsado, the tool that keeps me sane on my business!

And guess what? I want to help you make your life easier (just like mine!) with all of these business works by sharing with you how amazing and how convenient having a CRM like Dubsado in your business is.

When you create a proposal, there are a lot of things that you need to specify in it and you want to be very clear with your client on what your business really offers so it is really important to put in there your services offers, how much does each cost, etc. 

And we must admit, sometimes, clients don’t read everything especially when the presentation is full of words. They easily get bored, don't they? Aside from the contract, you want to give your clients the very highlights and set expectations through proposals to make them understand how you do your business. 

When I started using Dubsado, I really got a lot of comments from clients that they love my proposals as they are so easy to go through, each section is so understandable, in a way that you can easily see the breakdown of what I offer.


So here’s sharing the 5 Parts of my Design Proposal:


Header Image

This is the beginning part of your proposal. It normally includes your professional photo (but this optional, of course), title of the proposal, and your business logo.


About You Image

Tell them a little bit something about yourself. You can also put a simple thank you message here for a more personalized touch!


Service Image

Feel free to highlight and list down all types of your packages and services offered here!


Portfolio Image

Remind your prospects and audience of what you can do for them. Provide your sample works here!


Testimonial Image

Build trust and credibility by sharing testimonials from your regular clients. If you are allowed to post a photo of them, that would be awesome too!


I invite you to watch my How to Design A Good Proposal in Dubsado Using Canva training for a detailed step on how I create this. But first, if you haven’t joined yet, make sure to join my exclusive community on Facebook called Canva Savvies in order to watch this FREE training!

Are you using Dubsado to send your service Proposal and you want it to look a little bit prettier or with your brand elements? This simple yet effective way to design your proposal will surely make your proposal way better.

If you haven't and are looking for a CRM to handle your business workflows and processes use the link below.


I would like to welcome you to my Canva Savvies Facebook community. And if this training helps you or you have any further questions, please feel free to comment below and I’d love to answer them all as much as I can!


Stay Savvy!


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