5 Steps to Creating an Amazing Website

branding website tips women-owned-business Jun 07, 2020

What makes a successful website?


You have your brand in place. You’re focused on your goals for serving your customers. Now it’s time to take that brand and apply it to designing a website that rocks your customers’ world! You want it to not only attract attention. A successful website also needs to convert lookers to buyers!

Let’s look at 5 tips for creating a lasting impression for your business.


Choose a platform for your website.

With so many options out there, this is worth spending some time on. Here at Savvy Chic Design, Wordpress is our number one choice. But it is definitely not the only way to go! Each platform has pros and cons. These can vary based on what you need your site to do. And it can come down to a matter of personal preference.

Take a look at YouTube videos and ask for opinions from your inner circle. Then dig in and learn everything you can about whichever platform you choose! You will be building your business with your website, so make friends with your platform!


Keep it simple and responsive.

Plan out your website to appeal to your audience beyond the functional level, the User Interface (UI). The User Experience (UX) is becoming increasingly important! Keeping your site clean and easy to navigate makes for a better experience.

Mobile responsiveness is also important. Chances are that many of your potential customers are going to be browsing your website from their phones. You want to give them an equally awesome experience as those using a computer. Clear text that fits the screen, and images that add, rather than dominate, will make for happier readers!

Steer clear of excessive ads that distract. You want your site to be “sticky,” so all those readers click on your links and stay on your site, rather than following the next shiny advertisement. Ads can also be annoying, sometimes causing text to jump around or even covering up text. This definitely doesn’t lead to a positive UX!


Place your call-to-action front and center.

Your CTA, or call-to-action, is what brings in the bacon! It shows your readers what step they need to take next, and brings them to the next level in the buying relationship.

If they need to scroll up and down the page, looking for a way to connect with you, you’ve already lost them.

Put your CTA button on the first page where it will be visible from the moment a reader arrives on your site. And then again at the bottom, and in the middle if your home page is longer.

Do you want them to book a call? Download a freebie? Buy a product? Make sure they know what to do and how to do it. And keep it consistent across your whole site. Your customers shouldn’t have to search for a way to be your customer!


Take a less-is-more approach to copy.

While you may want to tell your customers all about the journey that brought you to the business you’re in, it’s important to see your site from their point of view. They want to know what they will get. How will buying from you benefit them?

And remember. People have short attention spans! Long blocks of text will send them running from your site before they have a chance to see the value you could bring.


So where does that leave you in writing copy for your website?

Keep it simple and to the point! Less is more. Focus on what your customer stands to gain from your product or service. Especially focus on what they will get emotionally. People want to know how their life will change, and how they will feel, by becoming your customer.

Help them see their future. Then take it even deeper and help them see how others will view them in that future. Cut out any copy that doesn’t paint that picture.

One exception to this rule may apply to your About page. Tell your story here. People want to feel like they know you! They will come to your About page expecting to get to know and trust you.


Don’t forget to market market market!

You might have the most amazing website out there, but if you’re the only one finding it, you aren’t going to gain any traction!

Having a marketing plan from the start will get you in front of your customers. Use keywords and SEO strategies to get found by Google. If SEO scares you, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Read a few articles and watch some YouTube videos to take the mystery out of it. If you want massive results but aren’t prepared to dive in on your own, this is a great area to outsource. There are experts who can work their magic to get you visible!

A solid social media strategy can also draw attention to your amazing new website! Use posts and links to drive traffic and increase sales.

As you begin planning your website, you might be thinking of working with a web designer. I would be happy to talk with you about your goals. We can work together to create a site mock-up so you can see the success you want in your business.


A well-planned website will convert. So, contact Savvy Chic Design today to start planning!


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