Canva Print: Print your Marketing Materials

canva May 14, 2019


Introducing Canva Print, a new way to bring your content to life and spread life-changing ideas!

This is perfect for anybody – whether you’re a restaurant owner designing your menu or making a party invitation. Canva Print assures you of the printing quality so you can go back to doing the work you love!

Also, it allows you to choose from over 50,000 templates to create your design, then have it professionally printed and delivered to your door with just a few clicks.

You’ll need to click on the Print or Publish button from the editor’s menu bar. If you notice you don’t seem to have the button in your editor, don’t worry. At the moment, Canva is in the process of rolling out Canva Print to different locations.

Where can I find Canva Print?

Currently, it is readily available to users in chosen locations. To name, US, Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia can use it.

This may be the reason why you may not see the feature just yet.



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