5 Ways In Choosing A Domain Name For Your Website

website tips Sep 02, 2020
Choose A Domain

Choosing what domain name bests suits you and your business can be daunting. So in order to find the right one for you, you must first understand what a domain is. 

What is a domain? And what’s a domain name?

It is your address in the online world. It helps other people find you in the space of Internet. 

Also, a domain name is the first thing people purchase when they’re establishing their online presence through websites. It helps you be identified in this sea of people. 

Think of it as this way: Your domain is your address. Your website is your house. And the Internet is the city you live in. 

When you register a domain, it doesn’t automatically create a website. After purchasing your domain name, you have to build your website and have a host for it. With that, you also want to understand the whole concept or process flow of building a website. 

Choosing a domain name 

How did I come up with my name, SavvyChic Design? I’ve always been attracted to “Savvy”. When you look it up, it means knowledgeable, having common sense and good judgment. And I resonate with that. Next is “Chic”. I love the attraction of a chic, more feminine type even though I’ve always had a bubbly vibe. “Design” came about because of my focus of niche of service which has to do with design. 

Remember that there’ll always be a meaning to a name you’re choosing. 

Fun fact: this isn’t the first business I’ve named SavvyChic. I was into network marketing before which has to do with beauty products. I named it SavvyChic Beauty.


5 tips to help you choose a domain name

Try asking yourself “What is my brand?” rather than “What is my domain name?” 

If you ask yourself your brand name and what is it that you would like to put yourself out there, then it’ll be much easier for you to identify your domain name. 

It’s easier if you’re more focused on your brand instead of thinking what your URL or website domain should be. Keep in mind that your domain name goes hand in hand with branding.


Personal branding

Use your whole name or nickname (used by coaches, mentors or personal/business experts). 

In my case, I used SavvyChic Design. But I can still purchase my name as the name of my domain, Joanna Sherrow. Domains are purchased in a year, two years, and three years. The longer you purchase your domain, the cheaper the price would be. 

Ex: tonyrobbins.com 


Generic name for your service or products 

Ex: brandinganddesign.com 

Suggestive brand name

The meanings behind these brand names are less obvious than descriptive brands. But they might still include hints in them to help you understand them.

Ex: livingsocial.com (competitor of Groupon), savvychicdesign.com 

Arbitrary Name

No apparent meaning to them other than the representation of the brand itself 

Ex. Apple.com 

Hybrid name

Combining your name with a topic keyword or expertise. 

Ex. Joannadesign.com 

Make sure you’re comfortable with your domain name. Also, think long term as well. Your domain name will go hand in hand with your visual brand. 

Once you identify your domain name, then it can be converted to a visual representation like your logo. It is because you want that one to appear in your website. Personally, I prefer WordPress because of the flexibility but that’ll be another topic.

If you think you need help with starting your website and need my guide, feel free to book a call with me. We can chat more about how we can create a website for you.

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