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How to Get Repeat Clients and Referrals?

Knowing your target market and finding your dream clients usually takes a lot of your time, effort and of course, money! So when you have finally found them, make sure to give your best foot forward, and take care of them up to the maximum level that you really can!

Another thing is that, compared to new clients, the repeat ones tend to spend more, and are the ones who are more likely to try your new services. Therefore, to help increase your profit, we must always put in mind that building our client’s trust and loyalty towards our brand is truly important.

To keep getting repeat clients and referrals, here’s sharing my Savvy referral marketing strategies:

Make your clients happy

Happy clients equals repeat clients. One of the key things that I notice is that, the happier your clients are with your process, the more they refer people to you. Aside from that, when you gain their trust and loyalty, they offer you more opportunities as they’re businesses become big. You grow too! 

Also, it is important that your clients are aware of what your list of services are. So when they avail just one of the services initially, by the time that they are ready or in need of the others, most likely, they will get it from you. So your goal will be to earn multiple projects from the same client! Awesome, right?


Be open with referrals

You also need to have that mindset that it is okay to ask for a referral from your existing clients. When you have made a successful conclusion to your project, make sure to make your clients aware that if they know anyone who also might be needing your services,  you would be really happy and love for them to refer you. 

Keep in mind that, aside from being a small business owner’s best friend, recommendations and word-of-mouth are the most valuable and least expensive ways to land your dream clients!

Also, you might want  to consider giving a little discount, incentive or freebie for every successful referral if you think that it’s appropriate. Your call!

Ask for client testimonials

To highlight the experience of my client, normally, what I would also do is that I give them a survey where they can comment on the process that they have experienced so I could also check on things where I can improve on.

Also note, that when you want to use these for your marketing strategy, make sure to ask for your clients’ permission first if it is okay to use their testimonials with their names and images, to be shared on your social media platforms, website etc. for marketing purposes. If there is no problem, then go ahead!

Keep the communication open

For me, it is really important to make it a point that I stay and keep connected with the people that I have worked with, and that I have built relationships with after the website or the design has been done. Aside from the usual, catching up, do email marketing! I also do this by keeping them updated through occasional email newsletters (not really so much as I don’t like spamming too!), and of course, through social media.

So don’t forget to maintain the communication with both your existing and past clients and really let them know that you can support them moving forward. Stay connected!


Collaborate with similar interests/businesses

I also do collaborate with individuals within the design community because I really love building those kinds of relationships. Like, if there is another designer who needs another designer, we support each other by referring one another. Having that pool of network who understands and shares the same passion and interests, and really knows the things that I do, is for me, really a big help to sustain your business and make it successful.

So yes, partnerships and collaborations are very important because these are the group of people who refer things to me (word-of-mouth is really a key factor!) and I really do enjoy this process.

Get your client into a retainer project!

When your client asks you to work on a retainer basis, that is when your good client becomes a great one! A retainer is when you and your client agree to work on the terms and arrangements which are suitable for both parties. Normally , the client gets priority treatment and a lower-project cost as these arrangements are more long-term and usually for more than just one project. 

I also do retainer projects for some of my clients. This way, they have the option for cheaper services if they are not yet ready to hire a full time designer. And guess what? Having options like this really makes your business more sustainable!

Bear in mind that, the more clients return to avail more of your products or services, the more new clients they refer to your brand, which in turn, will help increase and sustain the revenue of your business. So keep getting repeat clients and make the most of referrals! 

I really hope that you have learned so much from my Savvy tips on the different referral marketing strategies and how to encourage client referrals. 

Also, if you are a Kajabi Course Creator or needs a regular graphic support for your brand, or you might just know someone, I do have a  monthly retainer package if you want a continuous growth for your business such as websites, landing pages, graphic designs and templates, etc., check out my website or feel free to book a call with and I’d love to discuss the different options that will surely fit your needs!

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All Rights Reserved SavvyChic Design, LLC | Copyright 2022 | Terms and Privacy Policy | Affiliate